The Puffing Billy Bistro

Bespoke Artwork Design & Installation . Website/Promotional Photography

Although the Puffing Billy has since changed hands, this project was a lot of fun.

Essentially, there were over 100 custom canvases to print, frame and install on site as part of a complete refurbishment programme. Not all of the photography was my work, some of it was from other sources and some were taken by the owner, Martin Humphries.
Most of the work however was shot specifically for the venue; subjects such as fish suppliers at work on the docks, visits to O'Hanlons Brewery and photographs taken at the Menu Launch party...

Not only did I provide the artwork in completed form and install it, but I also worked on the project as a consultant and was privvy to other design decisions for the environment as a whole.

The new interior was a resounding success and proved to be a popular talking point for staff and customers. Staff would point out on the wall the person who grew the vegetables they were eating or the beer they were drinking!

Clients & Case Studies


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